Briefcase for Photo Camera, video, drone, flashes, mobile, IP67

VAT included

This fasaworld high quality camera case is perfect for safe transport of video cameras, analog and digital cameras, all kinds of sensitive flashes, various measuring devices and also for weapons such as Olympic shooting guns.


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* Valid case for photographic material, multipurpose, electronic components, short weapon, airsoft gun, suitable for outdoor: Waterproof, shockproof and dust

* Manual pressure equalization valve: balances the internal pressure, keeps water out

* Conditional life warranty - Not applicable if there is misuse. Not applicable to Logos, boards and foams.

* O-ring


* Stainless steel fittings

* exterior measurements: 305x269x147mm

* Internal measures: 278x203x115mm

* Material: Engeenering resin + Fiberglass

* Net weight: 1.38 kg Total weight: 1.5 kg

* Volume: 7L

* Buoyancy Max: 4.2 kg

* Depth of the lid: 3 cm

* Depth of the base: 8.5 cm

* Temperature supported: -40ºC ~ 90ºC

* Suitable for closing with padlocks (not included)

* Briefcase with dimensions similar to PELI 1200


- Waterproof IP67-IEC60529 edition 2.2 Clause 13.6 and Clause 14.2.7 - Resistance to water and solid materials

Therefore we can say that it is a suitcase with strong protection against dust since it has the maximum degree for this minimum.

As protection by water we can say that the suitcase can stand being submerged at 1m depth for a maximum of 30 minutes. The maximum index is 8 - indefinite immersion

- Impact resistance test - ATA300 Revision 8.0 B-2-5 - Certification for packaging intended for airlines

- Immersion test - MIL-STD-810 F Notice 3 Method 512.4

- Low temperature test - IEC60068-2-1 Sixth edition

- High temperature test- IEC60068-2-2 Fifth edition

Multi-purpose suitcase with padlock suitable for padlocks, IP67 protection, PA tranport, rigid case, waterproof suitcase, PA equipment suitcase, audiodiffusion equipment, airsoft suitcase, high protection suitcase, similar to Fuchs and Arcea model cases, safety case


Data sheet

Degree of IP protection
IP 67
Material: fiberglass, plastic
Engineer Resin + Fiberglass

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