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10cm universal toilet lift
  • 10cm universal toilet lift
  • 10cm universal toilet lift

10cm universal toilet lift

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Toilet seat lift 10 cm, with cover included. It supports up to 225 kg. Compatible with most WC.


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The raised toilet seat is an auxiliary device that helps the user to use the toilet. The product is designed for people with reduced mobility, problems with sitting and standing, and can also be used after hip joint surgery.The ergonomically designed surface of the toilet seat results in an equitable distribution of the forces of pressure on the user's body. The slight downward tilt of the toilet seat promotes proper posture and reduces flexion of the hip and knee joints. The product has two notches in the front and back of the seat that facilitate the performance of sanitary activities in a sitting position.

Features of the WC elevator with lid:

Height 10 cm

Durable material

Easy to clean and resistant to stains and odors. Modern fixing system

Slip protection

Fits most toilets

WC elevator

This toilet lift, just like the other models or the toilet lifts, is designed so that the individual is comfortable in any place and can fulfill their needs.

How to maintain this toilet lift:

The way to maintain is very easy: Use a damp cloth and then dry. Do not use chemicals of any kind.


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